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Relationship Therapy

             At some point, we have all asked ourselves this question: is my relationship healthy? We all desire the security of knowing relationships are positive and beneficial. Just as the perfect person does not exist the same goes for a perfect relationship. Individuals and their relationships are always a work in progress. All relationships will experience trials from time to time. Have you wondered would my relationship be better if; I had better listening skills, could communicate openly and honestly without fear and knew when and how to render a sincere apology, or take responsibility without casting or accepting misplaced blame.


             Perhaps you desire to learn how to be okay with disagreements and healthy conflict or simply to move a relationship from good to great. Improved communication and active listening skills are beneficial in any situation.


             What is your love language and how best do you receive that love? How do you identify the love language of your significant other that expresses your gratitude for the individual and the relationship? It is often difficult to learn about ourselves and understand the origins of the behaviors we exhibit in our relationships. Becoming more self-aware is critical to improved relationships.


             The client will learn the skills necessary to analyze current relationships to help determine if relationship is toxic or healthy using level of support, appropriateness, and match to personal values, goals and expectations as criteria.


             After analysis has been completed client will be supported in the develop plan of a plan to eliminate or strengthen the relationship. The client will learn to assertively communicate and articulate boundaries, expectations and limitations to move a relationship forward or eliminate.


             Remember that there is no such thing as a relationship that doesn’t face challenges at some point, and there is always room for improvement. Take a quick assessment of the relationships that are most important in your life and consider which of the aforementioned skills are worth increased personal improvement. We are here for you when if you are ready and willing to receive some help with improving your relationship.

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