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Ivolve Me Wellness Centers facilitates psychological healing and identifies strengths and coping skills that increase total wellness of mind, body, and spirit. We enable optimal personal and professional growth, rendering the individual capable of thriving in any environment.


Ivolve Me Wellness Centers strives to be the premier faith-based, multi-systemic, counseling and development agency in the U.S. We foster total wellness for mind, body, and spirit enabling sustained behavioral change, growth and empowerment.

Ivolve Me Wellness Center is a faith based counseling and development center that provides a multi-systematic approach to therapy and total wellness. At Ivolve Me, we recognize that total wellness is best achieved when therapy addresses the major systems that influence an individual’s perceptions. These influences include environmental, socio-economic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors. They are primary determinants of our level of happiness and ability to thrive. This faith based multi-systemic approach to change will use a combination of home-based and organization service delivery uniquely designed for each participant and their associated family, support systems and environment.


Intervention strategies are integrated into a social ecological context and may include but is not limited to: person centered, solution focused therapy, structural family therapy, crisis therapy and various cognitive behavior therapies. Ivolve Me Wellness Centers will promote behavior change in mind, body and spirit in the individual within their environment by using the strengths of each system to foster self-determination and empowerment.
Whether you need intensive support or just inspiration and guidance to get to the next
level, Ivolve Me can help. Be it simple or complex, we would love the opportunity to serve you by sharing some new techniques and interventions aimed at helping you thrive in the midst of your circumstances on your path to sustained behavioral change.

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