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Meet the Therapist


Licensed Clincal Social Worker

Sylvia A. Johnson

Sylvia A. Johnson is a native of Rochester, NY. Sylvia attended Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas where she earned a Bachelor of Administration in Business and Finance. She later attended Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY and earned her master’s degree in social work. Sylvia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is an Adjunct Professor for the MSW Graduate Program at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Sylvia spent more than 20 years serving the Rochester community in some of the most at-risk, economically, and educationally challenged areas. Recognizing that social stressors and traumas were hindering optimal individual and collective attainment of those she serviced, she decided to focus her attention on helping people to understand how one’s mental health impacts the mind, body, and spirit and limits one’s success. Believing that total health and wellness is a spiritual matter, Sylvia is passionate about providing help to others with a myriad of psychological and psycho-social stressors and mental health disorders.  She has worked with simple and complex cases including those with physical and developmental disabilities.

The therapeutic process works best when true collaboration exists. The most effective helpers are those willing to meet the client where they are. Each person is unique. Adopting a multi-systemic approach to therapy while using an eclectic or multi-modal therapeutic style allows the clinician the flexibility and ability to use the most effective methods available to address the client’s individual needs.

Through extensive experience working with youth and adults in various settings including schools, private practices, and medical centers for both short and long-term mental health disorders she brings sound counseling and development methodologies to Ivolve Me.

“As a child of a pastor, I came to know that my life experiences were training me to be in a profession that placed helping others at the forefront of its mission.”

Sylvia A. Johnson


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